Personal Interests

Jeremy Green is interested in saving human civilisation, keeping poultry, fermentation, jazz, and Balkan music. He tends towards the melancholy in all aspects of this, but in a cheerful sort of way.

He plays cornet in the Muswell Hill Brass Band.

He has been a member of Haringey Green Party since 2004 and has several times stood as a candidate for the council in his local ward.

He has a keen interest in the ways in which technology can help other industries to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprints, with particular focus on transport.

As well as his professional blog he also maintains another one for rants, reviews, and musings.

He created the Haringey Repair Map, a crowd-sourced project to list places in his borough where people can get things repaired rather than having to throw them away. He writes reviews on Amazon.

He is involved with Muswell Hill Sustainability Group and the local energy services company, en10ergy it has helped to create. Jeremy is also working with Sustainable Haringey, the non-party community initiative to plan for community resilience in the face of climate change and higher oil prices.

He has published a novel, One Shoe Tale, and is the co-author, with Eric Lee, of Firefox OS for Activists.

Jeremy is on Facebook, and if you are a personal friend you can find out what he is up to there. He is on Twitter too, as @jezzagreen and has a Google+ profile.