Talking cars

From Ford – using WiFi and GPS to warn drivers about potential accidents, and described here. Boringly, they don’t really talk like the cute ones in the picture- they just flash red warning lights on the windscreen for the driver to see. And it works best once it reaches critical mass and lots of other cars have the system enabled – WiFi, remember. Hope BT Openzone doesn’t sod this up for everyone, they way it does with my smartphone.

The Internet of Cars

I’m not always a big enthusiast for services aimed at making things easier for car drivers, but this did seem worthy of a comment – a sound element of ‘smarter’ transport, if not of sustainable transport. assigns your car an address for messages, based on your licence plate number. This lets other drivers message your car, without them needing to know who you are. Given the discussions I’ve been having with colleagues lately about identity in the internet age, it seems really quite clever. There are times when you need to call or message a car, not a person and this is a neat way of doing that.