Voice quality on Skype over 4G

Earlier this week I needed to join a Skype call but found myself in central London. I mainly use Skype from my laptop, over WiFi and a fixed broadband connection, with a dedicated headset. But I didn’t have my laptop with me. I’d installed Skype on my Android phone, and might have used it over WiFi in a cafe – only the cafes are all a bit noisy. So I tried Skype over 4G as I walked about the back streets of Bloomsbury, trying to find places that were quiet and not too windy. I’m on an ‘unlimited’ data deal from 3, so why not?

I was surprised how good it was. The voice quality was really good at my end – not sure how I sounded at the other end. I know it’s not always good on Skype, but it was a lot better than the kind of voice quality that I get on telephony on the mobile network these days. Can’t help wondering what the point of the QoS on VoLTE is meant to be.

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