ARM Internet of Things event at the Science Museum

I went to this – nice food, super venue, a good crowd. The presentations, and the discussion facilitated by Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC were both a bit lame, though; nothing you couldn’t have learned from say, reading an article in The Economist on the subject. There was a surprising degree of interest in connected agriculture – maybe because it seems more gritty and real than the beardy-weirdy consumer apps that nobody can really imagine wanting themselves. Funny, because most of this stuff is really quite old, though the panel didn’t seem to know all that much about it. The connected cow was a big thing at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and I was writing about using what would now be called big data to improve the milk yield in developing countries 20 years ago. Telenor has a subsidiary that does nothing except this. Ho hum.

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