One of the nicer transport-related things that I saw at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

…was this navigation app for bus users. Aimed at promoting accessibility for reduced mobility users, and following universal design principles to make for easier use by the visually impaired and elderly. Integration with Smart City information, etc. Not entirely clear if it only works in Barcelona, or in Catalunya. I’ll install and report back later.


  1. peter says

    Perhaps an app like this would help on weekends in London riding the Northern Line. How many times have I been sat on a rail-replacement bus, driven by a driver new to London, with the bus hopelessly lost between Kentish Town and Camden? In one case, the passengers all rebelled and forced the driver to stop and let us off, after 30 painful, angry, loud-shouting minutes of the driver refusing to listen to directions from the passengers, instead taking random turns in the hope of finding Camden Town. Things that TfL don’t tell you when you buy an Oyster card.

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