Real-time map of London Underground trains

At last. You may remember an earlier post, from the days when this blog was young, about a real-time map showing Swiss railway trains. You might even remember that mashup actually used timetable information rather than real data, but that in Switzerland there’s not much difference.

This London one actually uses live data from the TfL API, which is much more cool on several levels – especially since in London using the timetable as a substitute for real data wouldn’t be very good. It is really great that TfL seems to have gone so far in making its data available to developers – exactly as we called for in our report a couple of years ago.

I was about to be my usual snide self and point out that it wouldn’t be possible to use the map when you are actually on the underground, but these days quite a few stations have WiFi, so this is really starting to come together. Two cheers for TFL, and three for the app developers!

And an extra cheer for David Bradshaw, for telling me about this via Facebook.

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