Bill Ford at Mobile World Congress 2012

The closing keynote on day one of MWC. An address to the great and good of the mobile industry, described here, in which he says a surprising number of sensible things – like connected cars should be about “making journeys more efficient by providing alternative transportation options if congestion is unavoidable” and in the future pedestrian, bicycle, private car and commercial and public transportation traffic will be “woven together into a single mobile network to save time, conserve resources, lower emissions and improve safety”.

He used the opportunity to flag up Ford’s Blueprint for Mobility initiative (curiously, none of the many posts about this have any link to the contents of the initiative, and I can’t find any description of what it contains anywhere). And he used it to launch a new model of car. Which is what it’s all about really. If you believe The Guardian, making a new car costs as much in terms of carbon emissions as driving it.

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