TomTom reselling historical speed data to Dutch police

Now personally I think this is wonderful. Speeding is a good example of transport behaviour that is not sustainable. Making people driver slower is a good thing. They use less fuel, they cause fewer accidents, and if their journey takes a bit longer, well then it might reduce their appetite for unnecessary journeys.

That said, part of TomTom’s core proposition is that it makes driving nicer, and it must surely sell more kit and services to people who like things to do with driving and cars – rather than those who view cars and driving as a regrettable necessity.

So it’s at least possible that this story is going to be the sort of thing that will provoke a backlash from Clarksons or their Dutch equivalent (unless the Dutch are so wonderful that there just is no equivalent). If TomTom has thought about that and decided to go ahead anyway, hats off to it. If not, well then it might have a nasty shock coming.

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