Mobile network coverage in the underground (and the Channel Tunnel) – again

A piece on the Daily Telegraph about how this will be introduced in time for the 2012 Olympics. I will believe this when I see (and use) it. It’s come up every few years as long as I have been working in telecoms, and it never seems to actually happen. Lots of commercial, business model issues (who pays who, and for what) to sort out.

Note to bemused non-Londoners; although it’s possible to use mobile phones on most underground systems in the world, that doesn’t apply in London.

In any case, I am not sure that this will do much to promote the use of public transport. Surely no-one gets in their car for a journey because they wouldn’t be able to make mobile calls if they had taken the tube? And no-one flies across from London to Paris because of the twenty minutes underground that they can’t use their mobile?

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