Nissan and Telenor to roll out Carwings in Europe

…on the back of Nissan’s launch of all-electric cars in Europe, early in 2011, and described here. The plan is for Telenor to provide the connectivity for the telematics, which will include the persuasive technology and social networking aspects of Carwings. In Japan your Nissan petrol car will allow you to assess your driving, get energy-saving tips, and compare your performance with those of other Carwings members. In Europe this is going to be able to drivers of the new electric cars, which will also provide some neat capabilities designed to take some of the anxiety out of driving an electric vehicle — like a ‘how far can I drive without a recharge?’ overlay on the satnav map.

Also an iPhone app (and Android coming soon) which lets you see the charge state of your battery, and turn the heating/aircon on and off remotely.

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