Transport planner predicts ICT will enable shift towards public transport

As previewed here. According to the piece Duncan Ellis, senior public transport planner at consultant Colin Buchanan, says says, “By 2020 whatever our mobile phones have morphed into will become our gateway to public transport use…Applications will have developed so that public transport users are able to use mobile devices in a similar way to satellite navigation systems. Users will be able to enter a destination, with the device knowing exactly where you are, and the application will be able to tell you the quickest or cheapest or most scenic route taking into account real-time information. Your device will also include an integrated smartcard.”

The result will be public transport that is much more attractive to the occasional user and patronage will increase, especially in urban areas, Ellis believes. “This of course needs massive co-ordination between operators but the benefits should incentivise them to do so.”

What would be the signs that governments, or investors, really believed this was going to happen?

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