Vehicle telematics linked to driver CO2 notifications

A new product development from Telenor Connexions, the machine-to-machine subsidiary of the Norwegian telecom operator, described here. Telenor Connexions has partnered with Earthrise Technologies (no, I hadn’t heard of it either), a subsidiary of the Chinese telematics manufacturer Digisec, which seems to have an interesting array of eco-oriented products and applications.

This one provides information about driving style to both the driver and the fleet manager, based on information from the ‘vehicle diagnostics bus’. It’s based on the assumption that drivers (or fleet managers) will do something different if they had more information about the impact of their behaviour. I still can’t help thinking that if fuel costs don’t make them change their behaviour, why will anything else?


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    Info can be used to create company incentive schemes and awards e.g. most fuel efficient driver of the month which Stagecoach have found to be useful. Although I still think most of the useful information can be obtained with GPS and an accelerometer (as per TomTom’s WORK system) which is cheaper and less complex than linking into the vehicle’s CAN-bus.

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