A tool for tracking carbon savings from video conferencing

Offered by BT, and described in this press release. It’s particularly cool that the BT person quoted is called Jeff Prestel – hope I am not the only person who remembers the UK’s attempt at a videotex service to rival France’s Minitel.

The tool is called Engage Tracker, and it’s a good thing. But I still can’t help wondering whether it’s methodologically correct to say that carbon is saved if your company doesn’t book a flight. After all, if the plane flies anyway because Ryanair dropped its prices to ensure that the seat was occupied, then no CO2 was saved, was it?


  1. says

    I take your point Jeremy.

    Any calculator such as this is an estimator only. And the other value delivered by VC ie reduced time and reduced cost should be included which is likely to be “harder” data.

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