Alcatel-Lucent connected car

Described here – there’s a video, but I couldn’t get it to work.

“It all started with a simple question. What happens if you connect a car to an ultra high-speed mobile network? Several innovative companies in very different industries were asking this same question. And when the ng Connect Program brought them together, the LTE Connected Car Solution Concept was born.”

Nothing specific about sustainability or reduced environmental impact. Support for navigation services, and for ‘vehicle wellness’, which might reduce fuel consumption a bit. Mainly about providing entertainment services so that drivers enjoy the ride more; this reduces the ‘misery price’ that they pay for taking journeys by car, so arguably encourages more/longer journeys and increases emissions.

I bet somewhere in Alcatel-Lucent there is a spin doctor with responsibility for the company’s “environmental programme”. They clearly don’t have much input into the product development or R+D programme, though.

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