Public Transport Information – somebody else’s rant

It’s good to see that it’s not just me that rants. This is ostensibly a transport information web site, but it’s hedged around with so many caveats about the information not being correct or up to date, you wonder why anyone would bother. Among other things, it says “It is collected together for enthusiast interest only and is not intended to be used to plan actual journeys. It is not intended as a source of accurate, up to date information and should not be relied on.”

The final paragraph says it all:

(My personal viewpoint) Timetable information on the Internet was improving, however the final arrival of the Traveline/Transport Direct web sites has been a backward step. Several councils who have had good sites have now removed the information, to be replaced with Traveline/Transport Direct that is slow, difficult to use and requires the user to learn several different ways of working depending on where in the country they are. Couple this with the fact the information is often out of date, very wrong, and the user can only see the information in one, very restrictive, way and we have a perfect example of how not to provide information over the Internet!

Several county councils have complete timetable information available (Cambridgeshire, Carmarthanshire, Dorset, Essex, Morayshire and Rutland are examples that all show this is possible). However too many still have little or nothing available, even for those services that are provided with the County Councils money. “

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