Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems

The latest EU Commission project in this area, and a treasure trove of resources on its website.

As with most other intelligent roads projects, sustainability and carbon reduction does not appear to be the primary focus – it’s listed along with a set of other expected benefits, including safety, shorter journey times, and more efficient operation of the roads network.

I’m not entirely convinced that squeezing more capacity out of the road network is entirely positive for sustainability – after all, the effect is the same as building more roads, albeit without the carbon costs of the building itself. Enabling the current set of journeys to be carried out more quickly and efficiently (and therefore using less fuel and emitting less carbon) only delivers a net gain if the demand for journeys is fixed – and it clearly isn’t. Making the experience of traveling by road more attractive will surely just attract new travelers up to the marginal driver who considers the journey not worth the cost and misery.

Still, the web site has lots of great resources and links, and is worth a visit for enthusiasts of this sort of thing. And the same tools that these projects are developing could be used for better purposes.

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